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For whatever reason, actor Zooey Deschanel is a polarizing figure whenever she comes up in conversations with friends—conversations I usually start, since I actually think she’s pretty awesome. And online--lots of anti- and pro-Zooey rants and raves abound if you do a quick Google search.

Obviously, tons of people everywhere like her: for her acting in movies and on television, her music with She & Him, and her HelloGiggles crafting/fashion/news website (updated daily). Some are annoyed by her cute and girly “thing” (addressed in the New Girl episode “Jess & Julia”). SNL made fun of her fixation on all things retro—and she was the host, so she was in on the joke.

But really, objectively, I don’t think you can deny that she’s funny, very talented, and a hard worker. And she’s rad because she constantly makes fun of herself and is happy being herself. (Though who wouldn’t mind being her for a day, really?)

New Girl

New Girl Season 1 just came out on DVD last month, so be sure to check it out. I started watching this show a bit late into season 1, but one of the weird things that got me hooked was an episode where Jess is jogging while listening to an audio recording of Diane Keaton’s memoir, Then Again. So weird, but exactly the thing that made me laugh and want to keep watching.

The DVD set contains 24 episodes and some fun extras, including an interview with Zooey Deschanel and the show’s costume designer, Debra McGuire, about where all the fun clothes come from and how they worked together to create the character’s style. There’s also a pretty amusing audition tape featuring actor Lamorne Morris (Winston), and lots of deleted and extended scenes.

She & Him

Another favorite of mine is She & Him Volume 1. I was pretty late getting into this band too, but when I first heard the song “Change is Hard” this past January, I was impressed and totally empathetic. I must’ve listened to that song—the whole record--hundreds of times earlier this year. I love the way it sounds like both classic girl groups and Patsy Cline.

There’s also the great She & Him Volume 2 and the She & Him Christmas albums . And speaking of Christmas, don’t forget to see her sing and act in Elf.

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Winter Passing

For a Will Ferrel and Zooey Deschanel post-Elf reunion, check out Winter Passing, which was pretty good if I remember correctly.

I'm a fan

I haven't really given She and Him a chance and she's been in some bad movies, but I like her. I can see why people find her cutesiness to be annoying, but it's also charming. New Girl is great and has actually gotten better and better. The guys on the show are so funny and there are some really smart, oddball jokes on there. Nick and Schmidt bring the funny.  

Thanks for the rec!

I will look for Winter Passing! And yes, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt ( almost called him Schmidty...as in "we built this Schmidty on rock n roll") are rad!

(500)Days of Summer

She broke JGL heart so I might have some resentment towards her, but yes, she certainly is a hard worker.  I would like to see her in more movies, just to see her range.   

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