Kindie Rock


Kindie rock isn’t Raffi—it's an alternative to mainstream children’s music. The music can range from folk to rock to singer-songwriterish. Many performers are musicians you will recognize (and possibly be fond of). Rockers who have had children often enter this genre and immediately infuse kids songs with their sonic sensibilities.


Several years ago Salon published an interesting piece on the kindie rock phenomenon. Time magazine has a photo essay of some of kindie rock’s top performers, from They Might Be Giants to Dan Zanes.

Live Performances in San Mateo County

Two celebrated kindie rock performers are coming to libraries near you! Tomorrow, yes tomorrow, Lucky Diaz will be performing in Atherton.

Here they are performing one of their hits, Blue Bear.

The free performance will take place in the Pavilion of Holbrook Palmer Park as part of the Friends of the Library Halloween Hoedown 2-4 Saturday October 27th. Lucky Diaz is also performing in San Francisco on Sunday as part of the amazing San Francisco Public Library Music Series, Tricycle Music Fest West.

In December, Alison Faith Levy will be taking over the entire Brisbane Library with a not-to-be-missed performance. Save the date and join us in rocking out on Friday December 14th at 6pm.

Here's a preview--this video shows Alison at a live show performing I Love the Rain.

Listening on Your Own

Check out these kindie albums at your library today!


Author Bio:

Carine Risley is happy that kindie music exists.


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