Awesome Costumes


Ahhh, finally: Halloween is almost here!; This is hands down the best time of the year.

Need a costume? Get inspiration from the following music videos. Each video has some kinda weird, very cool outfits. All these cuts are off brand new records---by three of my favorite bands!

KISS and Make Up

"You Better Stay Away From Downtown" - Redd Kross (from Researching the Blues, 2012)
You could go the ultra-glamorous route with the KISS-inspired makeup and gold lamé jackets; or you could be pretty ghostly by combining the KISS makeup with delicate flowing white gowns. Either way, do like Redd Kross does in the video and hit Downtown LA's Koreatown and discover unbelievable music, sights, and food in its supermarkets and shopping malls!

Couple Costume: His n' Hers Garbage People

"Quick!" - The Magnetic Fields (from Love at the Bottom of the Sea, 2012)
Be like Oscar the Grouch, but adorable. Start by rolling around in dirt, dead/wet leaves, and moss. Acquire some tin trashcans and ribbed tubing. Accessorizing with a handmade wire flower and live snails would totally seal the deal.

Presto! Instant Costume Out of a Top Hat!

"Keep It In Motion" - Guided by Voices (from Class Clown Spots a UFO, 2012)
This would be fairly straightforward, costume-wise: white shirt, vest, bow tie, wand, hat. Practicing some tricks would make it a whole lot more authentic and possibly impressive (or clumsily hilarious). Cards, coins, and dice are crucial accessories. Maybe a bunny? Don't forget to invest in a comb for tidying your eyebrows and facial hair.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is the Youth Services Librarian in Half Moon Bay. Redd Kross has been her favorite band since she was 14.

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