Gangnam Style


Photo of Korean artist PSY.I know nothing about Korean pop music (K-Pop), but about two weeks ago, a friend forwarded me a link to a video by a Korean artist named PSY. He raved about how amazing the video was. I like amazing things, so I figured I'd give it a go. It's amazing! Maybe not amazing in the sense of "Dude, David Blaine's been asleep in that block of ice for 4 days now!" Or maybe "Dude, Geraldo's about to open Al Capone's vault!" But, in terms of forwarded youtube's pretty amazing.

What's Not to Enjoy?

The song is catchy, the video is funny, and the whole thing is really well done. Here's a short list of some highlights:

The little kid that dances at the beginning
Michael Jackson moves with ridiculous amounts of confetti and intense wind machines
Invisible horse dance
Parking garage dance battle
More invisible horse dance
Intense line dancing

I've been singing parts of this song to myself for awhile now and I have no idea what he's saying. According to Wikipedia  (they know everything!), Gangnam style basically refers to living a luxurious lifestyle. Gangnam is an affluent and trendy district in Seoul. I don't remember how many views the video had when I first saw it, but it might have been around 40 million. A few days ago it was in the low 70s. Today it's at 80 million. It will most likely be higher by the time you read this.


The only PSY cd we have in the Peninsula Library System is PSY from the Psycho World (2001), which unfortunately does not have Gangnam Style on it. You can always use our Suggest a Purchase form if you'd like to see some of his more recent material added to our collection. For more info about PSY, who attended the prestigious Berkelee College of Music in Boston, here’s a pretty good Wall Street Journal article that also gives an explanation of the unlikely rise of this pop hit.

Check it Out for Yourself


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Tommy M, single handedly bringing Geraldo jokes to the people of San Mateo County!


Appreciate your post

Love the juxtaposition of the informative Wall St. Journal article and my favorite Korean pop music video! Thanks for bringing it all together...

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