A New Novel from Emily Giffin


Photo of author Emily Giffin.I was first introduced to Emily Giffin by my local librarian when I was in high school. I was going through a “pink book phase,” devouring every chick lit novel I could get my hands on. She gave me an Advanced Reader Copy of Something Borrowed in the summer of 2004, several months before the book came out. The cover screamed chick lit, pastel pink with a sparkly diamond ring as one of the “O’s” in the title. However, much to my surprise and delight, while the book had many classic chick lit components, it had substance as well.

Why You Should Read an Emily Giffin Book

What I like the most about Emily Giffin’s novels is that she always puts her characters in these incredibly complicated situations. Even as you find yourself saying things like, “No, no, why are you doing that?!,” you are still secretly rooting for them to find their happy ending, even if they don’t necessarily deserve to. At the root of all her characters is a good person, but they tend to be reprehensible at times. You’ll find yourselves loving the characters, flawed as they are, because they seem like they could be your best friend or your sibling.

The New Book

I just finished reading Where We Belong this morning at the gym. I loved it and found myself sneaking in reading time every free second I had this week to find out what happened next. The two main characters, Marian and Kirby, alternate narrating the story. Marian got pregnant the summer before college and chose to give the baby up for adoption. She now lives in New York and is a writer and producer on a successful television series. Her life is forever changed late one night when her eighteen-year-old daughter, Kirby, knocks on her door. The novel follows the two women as they attempt to navigate their relationship, confront secrets, and find their places in the world.

You can pick up one of her novels at your local library today!


Author Bio:

Stephanie C will always be thankful to one of her favorite librarians for introducing her to Emily Giffin! She still enjoys reading a good chick lit book every now and then, but has a much broader reading range now than she did in high school. She can regularly be found reading fiction and nonfiction books from the adult, young adult, and children’s sections of the library.

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