I’m in a Hip-Hop Mood, Are You?


Life is Good by Nas If you are a real hip-hop, poetry or jazz fan, then Life is Good is an album you should hear--so go ahead and terrorize iTunes with this one.

Nas is absolutely one of my favorite music icons alive. I can appreciate his poetic rhymes about violence, struggles in the inner city, religion, love, and America. The New York native is the mastermind behind what many say is one of the best hip hop albums ever: Illmatic.

Illmatic was released in 1994 but is one of those nostalgic, timeless pieces of work. That is why it went platinum.

Don’t Be Scared

The music that Nas makes may belong in the gangster rap category half of the time. However Nas grew up around jazz and the blues, so those sounds are also incorporated in his music. Although he may stir up controversy at times, Nas has a poetic point of view that is also truthful and realistic to the struggles of black men in America.

So you might want to think twice before you pop this album in your cars CD player while grandma or your children are in the car. But if you have a “thing” for good old hip hop, then go ahead and turn the music up loud!

Get Familiar with Nas

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Bobby Reed likes authentic music.

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