Five Great Reasons to Read a Book on your iPhone


  1. Image of eBook on iPhone.The phone is small enough so that your hot noodles don’t splatter if you’re reading while eating lunch alone at Santa Ramen.
  2. The words on the phone are back-lit, ensuring you don’t disturb your “significant other” in the dark in the early morning hours.
  3. There’s a sense of accomplishment as you race through the electronic pages, flipping fast.
  4. If you’re reading on your break, the digital time is right there, and you can easily bookmark the page when you leap up ready to return to work.
  5. You’ve enjoyed the book, but you don’t have a library book to misplace as it slips under your car seat; or yet another paperback to clutter your bookshelf!

Oh, what was I reading?

I downloaded Marcia Muller’s The Ever-running Man, twenty-fifth in the series, featuring San Francisco-based private investigator Sharon McCone. For me, the mystery genre is good phone reading as the pace is quick, and action is paramount.

Furthermore, the length is good; the Muller novel would be 312 pages in hard copy. On my phone, 924 “pages” seems like a lot, but I speed through quickly enough to finish before the text magically evaporates.

More mystery?

The phone/book experience was so gratifying, I leapt ahead to the better-written The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell. I'm enjoying this tenth book in the Kurt Wallender series about a Swedish policeman.

Technical notes

On the San Mateo County Library website, go to the eBooks/eAudiobooks tab and follow through the instructions. Have your Apple identification and password available, and iTunes on your phone.You also need your San Mateo County library card at hand. You will need to take a few minutes to download the Overdrive Media Console program to your phone, and set up a free Adobe identification as well. After that, just browse our electronic catalog by genre, checking to see what's immediately available.

Photo credit: Karen Y.


Author Bio:

Books – yes! Karen Y. still does not have music on her phone.


light weight delivery-system for weighty tomes

My favorite books to read on the iPhone are really, really big ones. It is fantastic to have all those words in the palm of my hand and a lot more portable. I have read both Moby Dick and Anna Karenina on my phone, often while standing in line for something or waiting to pick up from school, swimming lessons, soccer, etc, etc. It is wonderful to know I am NEVER without a book - there is always one at my fingertips.

no music

I love music and listen to different things all the time, but I have never put any music on my iphone. I don't know why. I've had two iphones and neither has had one thing in itunes. Maybe it's to save battery life? I'm not really sure. I've had a 40gb third generation ipod since 2003 and I've just never felt the need to put music on my phone. It would be convenient and logical, but for some reason I've never taken the leap.
Santa Ramen!!! I'm also a fan of Himawari on 2nd Ave.

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