New Obsession: Downton Abbey


Photo of Downton Abbey actors.I love British things: Harry Potter, Jane Austen, British accents, and any movie with Colin Firth, particularly when he plays characters named Mr. Darcy. I got up at 2am to watch the Royal Wedding last year and watched the Lifetime movie about Kate and William’s courtship, William & Kate: Who Says that Fairy Tales Don’t Come True? I now have a new British obsession: Downton Abbey!

Check out the First Two Seasons at Your Local Library!

My hold for the first season came in last week. One of my best friends came over and we watched two episodes. We were immediately hooked! The drama, the accents, Maggie Smith…what’s not to love? The writers split screen time between the wealthy Crawley family and their servants, and it’s hard to say whose lives have more drama! As the Dowager Countess of Grantham, Maggie Smith steals every scene she’s in. Her hilarious commentary on serious situations had us laughing out loud. Due to our schedules, we had to wait a week before we could watch again and we proceeded to watch the rest of the five episodes in the season all in one night. I’m waiting, not so patiently, for the second season

Award Winning

It’s no surprise that Downton Abbey has received several awards in the last year. Maggie Smith won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries and was nominated for a SAG award in the same category. Her costar, Elizabeth McGovern, also received an Emmy nomination for Best Actress in a Miniseries. The show itself won the Emmy for Outstanding Miniseries, and rightfully so!

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Stephanie C wishes she was British. Her style icon is Kate Middleton and her favorite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion. When she visited London, her favorite places were The British Library, Platform 9 ¾, the Portobello Antiques Market in Notting Hill, the London Eye, and the Courtauld Gallery.


moves along

I wasn't sure what to expect when I checked these out. I heard so many people talking about it and saying they love the series. I saw a few episodes on PBS, so I checked out the series. It really moves along great and I love Mr.Bates. I am going to watch Season 2 real soon. It doesn't seem like I'll be disappointed with this show. The Brits know how to put on a show. :)

You definitely won't be

You definitely won't be disappointed with Season 2!! I have one episode left, but I think it's been even better than Season 1. I can't wait to watch the third season in the fall!!

Great show!

I absolutely loved it! I just finished watching season 2, and I can't wait for more. Gosh, that Thomas is a rascal, isn't he?

I'm almost done with Season 2

I'm almost done with Season 2 now! My friend and I have been savoring it and have 2 more episodes to go...

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