Move over Graphic Novels...Here Come the Scrapbook Novels!


The Scrapbook Of Frankie Pratt : A Novel In Pictures by Caroline Preston

A Unique Format

Caroline Preston experimented with this new format in The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt. Her main character, Frankie, decides to start a scrapbook when she graduates from high school to chronicle her adventures in the world.

The novel is set in the 1920s and follows Frankie from Vassar College, where she is one of the few woman majoring in something other than “Marriage,” to New York and then Paris while she pursues her career in writing and looks for love along the way.

Preston peppers the scrapbook pages with letters, photographs, postcards, and many other things from the time. Check out author Caroline Preston's blog, where she wrote about her inspiration for the scrapbook novel.

I really enjoyed this book! It showed a very personal side to the main character that you don’t always get with a regular novel. I loved looking through all her mementos and following her life through the years.

Try Your Hand at Scrapbooking

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Author Bio:

Stephanie C. likes the idea of scrapbooking and enjoys buying all the fun supplies. She is planning to eventually make a scrapbook for the vacation she took over the summer with her sister. Maybe over Christmas break....


Very Unique

I have just read "The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt" because of this blog post. I really enjoyed the very unique format, and it was a very interesting story of a young women's life in the 1920s. It was like reading a graphic novel but with much more attention to period details. Thank you for the recommendation.

Really enjoyable

The art and the story were really great. Thank you for the recommendation!

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