Day of the Dead


Photo of an ofrenda at the Half Moon Bay Library.

A Meaningful Fall Celebration

For many people the end of October brings thoughts of Halloween. Here at Half Moon Bay, and throughout the larger Hispanic community, our thoughts turn to The Day of the Dead. This celebration is a traditional and joyous time when the spirits of the Departed return to share a meal and some memories with those who remain behind.

Day of the Dead Books

A good description of of this day can be found in The Skeleton at the Feast: The Day of the Dead in Mexico. There are a lot of good stories concerning the Day of the Dead, but my personal favorite is Beto and the Bone Dance by Gina Freschet.

Unique Half Moon Bay Library Exhibits

Here at the Half Moon Bay Library, members of the community erect ofrendas (alters) in honor of deceased loved ones. On Thursday October 27th, children of the local schools will be making class visits to see the ofrendas, hear some stories, and sample pan de muertos (Bread of the Dead).

If you'd like to bake your own, here's a good pan de muertos recipe. There will be another program for the entire community on the evening of October 28th at 7:00 pm. The image of the skeleton is omnipresent during Day of the Dead festivities and no artist caught this image better than Jose Posada. To see samples of this work check out this article about Jose Posada.

Whether it's this year, or next year, come join us in Half Moon Bay, for our annual Day of the Dead tradition.


Author Bio:

Joe Toschik is a librarian at the Half Moon Bay Library.

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