What's Happening in Atherton and Menlo Park?


Image of InMenlo webiste.Before I started as an intern for the Atherton and Brisbane library, I have to admit that I really didn't venture over to the San Mateo County side often. It may have to do something with crossing bridges, which I really don't happen to be a big fan of, but now that I am working for the Atherton and Brisbane library, I am glad that I am frequently over there because there are a great number of exciting events that are taking place in the community.

Created by those that live in the Menlo Park and Atherton Community!

To get a good idea of what is going on in the Menlo Park and Atherton area, I discovered the local publication/website InMenlo that was launched by three long time Menlo Park residents as a labor of love. They created a "hyperlocal news blog" in which they focus on the people, places, organizations and events that makes Menlo Park and Atherton a special place to live.

Discover your Community!

I honestly believe that this is a great resource to check out because I feel like most people that even though you have lived a place all of your life, there are always new things to discover when you leave your door. InMenlo can help you discover new and exciting stories, adventures, and events that are happening in your community. Their website has a home page which is in a blog format which has the latest features to browse through. The website also has an extensive archive with a search engine. I was able to locate a feature that was done regarding the secret garden located at the Atherton Library. They even had announcements regarding the "Happy Birds" show that took place at the Atherton Library at September 12, 2011. InMenlo also has a photo section in which you can view the pictures that are used on the website in convenient Flicker slideshows.

Remember to Tip!

The best part about InMenlo, is that they want to hear from the community! They want to hear about your tips things that you want to hear about in this blog. They also ask for your contributions and opinions.


Author Bio:

Daniel Ng is an intern at the Atherton and Brisbane Library. He is ready to find out what Atherton and Menlo Park has to offer!

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