Sunday is Comedy Day!


Comedy Day poster

What's better than paying money for stand-up comedy that you may or may not think is funny? Why, going to a free stand-up comedy show that you may or may not think is funny! It's time again this Sunday for Comedy Day at Sharon Meadows in Golden Gate Park.

Michelle's Picks

The first performer of the day is Danny Dechi, an endearing weirdo who plays classical tunes by shaping his mouth and hitting his shiny head with the pencil end of an eraser. Don't miss out! Also, I always enjoy seeing Chris Garcia, one of the regular members of The Business comedy show at the Dark Room in the Mission - he's scheduled to perform between 1:10 and 2:00. And, uh, those are the only two names I know! But with this many comedians (you can check out the list here), there's got to be something that makes you laugh. Right? Well, maybe.

And if you can't make it...

You can sit at home and listen to some hilarious standup on your very own couch, chair, or comfy comfy floor.


Author Bio:

Michelle K. is a Librarian at the Brisbane Library. She has befriended a few stand-up comedians, but prefers to hide behind her comic book drawings and blog posts to disseminate her laffs to the world... for now.

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