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Photo of jam cooking on stove by terriem.

Making jam is easier than it sounds – chop up a ton of fruit, add more sugar than you think is probably advisable, and cook it up. In some cases it might be more time-consuming than anticipated (You know who you are, 3-day marmalade!), but it’s not difficult. You can make jam to eat now, but canning jam is a great way to take the taste of summer (or spring or fall or winter) and save it for months. If it lasts that long.


I recently made Children’s Strawberry Jam from The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook and it beats the pants off of a jar of store-bought jam any day. Homemade jam also makes an excellent gift, usually eliciting the response, “So, you like made this???” There’s no way that a jar of Smuckers with a bow on top would be received that well.

Jam It Up

If you’re interested in jam making, preserving and canning, check out these titles:

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Nicole Pasini has worked on library programs and collections for teens, children, and adults, and she (obviously) likes jam.


I saw the Blue Chair book the

I saw the Blue Chair book the other day and it looked great. Tons of great pictures. I'm not a canner or a jammer (except in the sense of listening to music), but that book made me want to make some jam. There was a strawberry-pluot jam that caught my eye.

Pluot love

I heart blue chair jam! I saw Rachel Saunders at the Ferry Building farmers market giving a jam presentation. Very fascinating, very delicious. I'm off to eat some jam....

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