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Back To Black by Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse had a rocky life these past couple of years. She shot to fame with the release of her second album Back To Black and quickly became tabloid fodder. At first, it all kind of worked with the whole rehab, loose cannon image that she was creating, but after awhile things just got sad and never really got better. I read a great blog post over at Gold and Popcorn that sums the whole thing up. It’s worth reading.

Back to Black

Winehouse’s Back To Black opened up the floodgates for a whole wave of female, British soul singers like Duffy and Adele. Her notoriety, along with her actual talent, put her at the head of the pack. Back To Black was appealing for a number of reasons. Winehouse had a great voice, the album had great production, and she had that weird beehive hairdo and troubled persona that made her all the more interesting.

A Look Back

These are some of the standout songs on the album, in my opinion. Great voice, great backing music, and great song writing.

The Mark Ronson/Dap-Kings Connection

Mark Ronson produced a number of the songs on Back To Black and brought in the Dap-Kings to help out. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings have a bunch of great albums that you should check out. Ronson’s album Version featured a great cover of the Zutons song “Valerie,” which features Winehouse on vocals.


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Tommy M. thinks it’s probably pretty tough to be famous.


Especially liked your link to Gold and Popcorn

Thanks for posting this about a favorite vocalist - sent your post on to Japan, Los Angeles and New York City to people who would also appreciate...

Not to mention her incredible

Not to mention her incredible ability to fuse 1960s and 70s soul with hip hop, pop, and r&b. "me and Mr. Jones" is probably one of my favorite tracks on Back to Black.

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