San Francisco Excursion for Lovers of Texture and Color


Photo of the Pulp Fashion exhibit by Seán MartinfieldThe Legion of Honor (of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco) has just extended the Pulp Fashion exhibit to June 12, 2011. That’s great news for lovers of texture and color, who will purely marvel at the trompe l’oeil quality of Isabelle de Borchgrave’s paper fashions.

First U.S. Retrospective for Belgian Artist

The stunning collection of 60 life-sized dresses covers a 16 year span in the artist’s productive life. As one wanders among the Medici collection of Renaissance Italian gowns, one can imagine how wonderfully the setting of the Pitti Palace in Florence would bring these paper creations to life in a swirl of lace, velvets and satins. Should you wish a video preview, here’s 10 minutes of Channel 5 coverage in an “Eye on the Bay” special. 

Minor Drawbacks

Your fingers just itch to touch, and there is not a sample available to stroke! The docents are quite knowledgeable, but the crowded setting means it’s hard to hear and see.

I’d suggest going early to try and get a seat at the 1 p.m. docent lecture on Sat., June 4; the lecture is free after museum admission, but seats are not reserved.

For an Extra Fillip, Try Adding Mosaics to Your Day

The Legion of Honor also has one Roman mosaic, excavated at Lod in Israel. The exotic menagerie is visiting for a few months. Yet at Moraga and 16th Avenue in the “alphabet” streets just east of 19th Avenue is a permanent mosaic staircase, fashioned by the neighborhood residents – the 163 steps with bits of mirrored glass glisten in the sun. Stop by quickly on your way into the City, or drop by on your way home. (Thanks to my “in-the-know” friend, Mary T., who added these two extra elements to our excursion, along with delicious Burmese food at a Clement Street “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant, Burma SuperStar).

Pulp Fashion : The Art Of Isabelle De Borchgrave by Jill D'AlessandroAnd, Of Course, the San Mateo County Library Connection!

Check out the exhibit book called Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave by Jill D’Allesandro or Paper Illusions: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave by Barbara Stoeltie.

The San Mateo County Library is already setting up free fall lectures with docents from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Asian Art Museum – stay tuned to the Events section of the our website to find out what’s coming.

Photo credit: Seán Martinfield


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Karen Y. loves, loves, loves paper in all its guises. This museum exhibit really resonated with her interests.


Pulp Fashion Blog

I totally agree with Karen : this exhibition ia a MUST-SEE, an unforgettable display of fashion art at its best. Thank you Karen for letting us know it is extended until June 12th. I asked my husband to accompany me on this outing not really knowing if he'll enjoy a fashion show but he was fascinated by this UNIQUE form of art as well!
An impressive spectacle for all(take it from a French lady!).

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