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Annual Film Festival Worth Checking Out

Noir City Wednesday by Steve Rhodes via FlickrHopefully you had a chance to catch some of this year's Noir City Film Festival at San Francisco's Castro Theatre. This annual festival is a feast for noir buffs, with ten days and nights of classic noir films--many of which are not available on DVD. Thousands of people from all over the world attend this event, and the Film Noir Foundation ensures that proceeds from the festival go toward film preservation. It's truly delightful to see these gorgeous movies on the big screen, in the beautiful Castro Theatre.

Missed It? Have No Fear!

In case you missed it, here is a chance to check out DVDs of a few of the films that were shown. (Descriptions provided by SOPAC.)

Gaslight  - A susceptible young woman marries a suave, romantic man never suspecting that he is a murderous scoundrel, obsessed with finding the jewels hidden in their London home. She becomes the helpless victim as slowly, insidiously, he drives her to the brink of insanity.

A Double Life - The portrayal of Anthony John, a famed actor whose off-stage life becomes murderously blurred with his on-stage role of Othello.

Sorry, Wrong Number  - Young, rich, bedridden Barbara Stanwyck dials a telephone number one night and overhears two men plotting the murder of an unidentified woman. She becomes frantic. Her terror is intensified by mysterious calls from an old college rival and a friend of her father. With time running out, Stanwyck pieces evidence together that leads her to suspect that it is her husband who wants her murdered.

Want More?

This month, Noir City is hosting a festival  in Hollywood, at the Egyptian Theater. Here are two of the many films being shown down south:

Brute Force  - Joe Collins, along with his fellow inmates, live under the heavy thumb of the sadistic, power-tripping guard Captain Munsey. Only Collins's dreams of escape keep him going, but how can he possibly bust out of Munsey's chains?

This Woman is Dangerous  - A melodrama where Joan Crawford plays a hardened mobster who's about to go blind. On top of this she is being watched by the police and is burdened by an overly jealous boyfriend. She goes to Indianapolis to consult an expert eye surgeon to repair her eyes and ends up falling hopelessly in love with him. Will she be able to forget her seedy past and make a fresh start?

Future Noir Events

Visit the Film Noir Foundation to keep track of next year’s festival and other special events.

Photo credit: Noir City Wednesday by Steve Rhodes via Flickr


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