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Since adopting my pal Matey in October, I have been having fun learning all about dogs . . . dog training, dog fiction, dog DVD's, dog walks, and traveling with your dog. You may remember my last blog was about our Christmas vacation in Big Sur.

Finding Jack by Gareth CrockerEverything Dog

Not doing much traveling in the weather we have been having, but have been having lots of fun finding new places to walk; as well as reading some very moving, as well as funny, books about dogs; and watching videos on everything, from fiction and good dog massage, to Nova programs on the evolution of the dog.

The Power of a Canine

My favorite book thus far is Finding Jack by Gareth Crocker. This is an emotion packed story about a young man who loses his wife and daughter in a tragic accident, enlists in the war in Vietnam after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, and has a "chance" meeting with a yellow lab that gives him a reason to live--and an unexpected connection to his wife and child.

Hope and Tears

It is a story overflowing with hope and faith, and the power of the bonds between soldiers, as well as between humans and animals. It is definitely a feel-good-can't-put-it-down book that, being the authors first, has me watching for his next to come out. Just make sure you have plenty of tissue, it is a definite tear-jerker! Among other places, you can find Finding Jack  by Gareth Crocker in the New Fiction section at the Foster City Library.

Redwood Shores Gog ParkDog Park!

One of my favorite places to take Matey to play is the Redwood Shores Dog Park. The park is volunteer run, and is kept in pristine condition. There is a 3 dog per person limit and the park is separated into two sections, one for small dogs and one for medium to large dogs. It is a great place for your doggie to get the kind of exercise that wears him or her out, and satisfies their need for socialization.

There is plenty of fresh water and balls to chase, and I have found the dog owners to be very conscientious about their own dog's behavior, as well as tolerant of others. Matey likes to make a throaty sound when he is running with and after other dogs, and it was a few of the other dog owners that helped me to relax about it. It is just his way of saying "I want to play"!


Author Bio:

Barbara has had just one dog before Matey. Her name was Joy, and Barbara had to put her down after 17 years. It took her six months to be open to having another dog, and she met Matey on a trip she took to Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary in Utah with her granddaughters. A few visits with Matey, who had been left by his owners who returned to Australia, and he stole her heart. Six months later, Matey has had his 9th birthday, has given Barbara's 92 year old mother a companion during the days when she is working at the library, and has found himself a forever home. Barbara has thought about nicknaming him "Lucky" . . .  but thinks maybe she is the lucky one.

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