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Hot Gifts

One of the hottest ticket Christmas gift items this past season was the new generation of eReaders, with the main players being the Kindle from Amazon, the Sony Reader (pictured), and the Nook from Barnes & Noble.

eBook reader photo by AZAdam

In anticipation of having folks with new eReaders wanting to know if their device is compatible with the library's eBooks, I sent an inquiry to Overdrive, the company behind the library's main eBook collection, the Northern California Digital Library.

Is Your Device Supported?

According to the support folks at Overdrive, here is the current status of the three top eReaders with regard to accessing eBooks in the Digital Library:

Sony Reader--Yes
Nook--To Be Determined

Library E-books

In fact Sony is making access to free library eBooks a main selling point for the Sony Reader.

Photo Credit: AZAdam

Author Bio:

Warren Netz is an Adult Services Librarian at Millbrae Library.


Kindle library book loans now available via Overdrive

Please see for details. I'm trying to figure out how to do it, but your site isn't being very helpful just yet.

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