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Do You Have Any Travel Plans for Next Year? 

wall fo ChinaSan Mateo County Library has many items that can help you get ready. Travel guides are one of our popular items, and we continually get current and updated information. So if you are relying on your old guidebook circa 2005, come into the library and check out our wonderful collections.

How I Plan My Trips

Below are some items I checked out from the library to prepare for my fall trip to China.

Books aren't the only way you can research and prepare for your trip. DVD titles I used included:

Our libraries own many nonfiction and historical fiction books. Below is a sampling of some of the titles I chose:

The Land & the People: the Republic of China,Declassified Tiananmen Square cover

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan  by Lisa See,

Chu Ju's House  by Gloria Whelan,

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress  by Dai Sijie,

and Red Scarf Girl : a Memoir of the Cultural Revolution  by Ji-li Jiang.

Learn that Language

We also have language instruction books, CDs, and our new Mango online language-learning system--all available for you to check out. Come to the library and let us help you find some interesting materials to make your next trip more exciting.

If there is something you have checked out recently that helped you plan your own trip (or just enriched your experience), please post a comment and share your find with the community!


Author Bio:

Reeba L. is a Pacifica Librarian and has been a resident of Pacifica for 30 years.

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