Listen Up March 2011


Cover of Radiohead's The King of LimbsAs a Radiohead fan, I was super excited to hear that their new release was available as a digital download one day earlier than I expected.

Delayed Reaction

At first, I didn’t like it. However, now that I’ve listened to the album 50+ times, I absolutely love it!

While I miss the guitar work of their previous releases, the absence doesn’t take away from the soundscape they present on this album. And while it makes for good background music, it also begs for a closer listen. The track “Feral” is mostly instrumental save for snippets of Thom Yorke’s voice, which serves as an additional instrument. I like to listen to this track with my eyes closed, imagining myself knocking over tables, or being chased through concrete jungles.

Song Highlights

“Give Up The Ghost” is another beautiful track worth listening to. It is very reminiscent to “House Of Cards” from Radiohead’s previous album In Rainbows. It is a song that, according to Pitchfork, “seems to be exciting and entering your consciousness at the same moment.”Another of my favorite tracks from this album is “Separator.” In this song, Yorke seems to tease those people who think of Radiohead as a one-trick pony when he sings “…if you think this is over, well you’re wrong.”

Check It Out

Request a copy of King of Limbs today and let me know what you think. In the meantime, take a look at “Lotus Flower”, the first official video from King of Limbs.


Author Bio:

Evie D. is counting the days until Radiohead announce a world tour.



I love the album as well! Codex, Lotus Flower, and Give Up The Ghost are definitely my favorites.

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