Vintage Dogs


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Wanna see an antique photo of a clothed monkey riding a saddled dog? What about a dog seated at a table-wearing spectacles and playing checkers? How about a bulldog wearing an enormous jeweled crown?

Weird and Wonderful

Vintage photo of Girl Hugging a Dog by freeparkingThese are just a few of the weird and wonderful photos tucked away in Catherine Johnson's Dogs. Flipping through the pages of Dogs is a bit like peeking into a time capsule: it's a mishmash of early 20th century, black and white photos of dogs and the anonymous, everyday people who loved them.

While some pictures are meant to be silly, there are also hundreds of charming off-the-cuff shots and dignified portraits that highlight a dog's central place in the home.

There are dogs sunning at the beach, romping in backyards, sitting in cars, and relaxing by hearths.

Artist's Quotes

The collection is capped off by a short essay by artist William Wegman. Wegman writes about his renowned career photographing dogs. On costumes and props: "Something may be balanced on the head: the hat that doesn't fit (no hat fits on a dog), antlers, maybe sunglasses. Something to smoke? How do we get that corn-pipe to stay in place?"
This treasure trove is sure to be a hit with dog lovers and amateur photographers alike.


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Karen Choy is a tall Youth Services Librarian who giggles a lot. She enjoys horror stories, road movies, giraffes, and rock shows.

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