Vacationing? Visit a Library


On the Road Again?

New Zealand's Glenorchy LibraryWhile you're on the road, public libraries are an oft-forgotten resource, providing free or low-cost internet access, newspapers, magazines, information about the local area, and a place to get out of the rain that doesn't charge admission.

Bring Your Travel Guests to Us

Our libraries are an excellent and budget friendly resource for your out-of-town guests--bring them by for a visit to help them enjoy their stay!


During the course of your travels, have you come across any libraries that made an impression? Perhaps you've found a lavishly decorated treasure, such as Boston's Central Library, or a historically significant collection, such as that held by the British Library.

Bigger Isn't Always Better

My own personal favorite is notable for its size. The former home of the Glenorchy Library on New Zealand's South Island is locally known as "the most photographed library in New Zealand."


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When Erin M. is not at the library, she is either traveling (actual or armchair), playing with wool, or keeping an eye on pop culture. With the occasional bit of something completely different.


I always visit libraries when

I always visit libraries when I travel. Some of my favorites are in Kurashiki Japan, a small village in Ireland, Library of Congress, and the British Library. I have visited many others, too many to name!

Vacationing? Visit a library!

My favorite so far has been the Library of the Walburgiskerk in Zutphen, the Netherlands. It's a beautiful Reformation-era library with its chained books still in place.

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