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The Ultimate Brain by Tom KenyonIf you’re looking for a relaxing, uplifting, or esteem-boosting sonic experience, I recommend placing yourself on the hold request list for a unique audio box set found in SMCL’s catalog, impressively titled The Ultimate Brain. Tom Kenyon’s years of research into psychoacoustics and the effects of sound patterns on brain waves has resulted in these powerful recordings, totaling nine discs with accompanying detailed user guides to help the listener choose the right track for the beneficial experience they are seeking.

What’s In It For Me?

After listening to the User’s Guide CD, you can choose from a wide range of mind-enhancing recordings that use specific frequencies and cycles to achieve particular results. The Ambient Support recordings can be used in the background of your workspace to help with creativity and concentration. For guided or sonic relaxation, the Deep Relaxation and Healing and the Deep Rest recordings are effective in helping you drift into a restful state. The Freedom to Change and Opening the Heart recordings are ideal for self-healing and self-esteem enhancement, and for an opportunity to strengthen your brain and bring yourself to new levels of insight, the exercises found on the Mind Gymnastiks, Enhance Creative Problem Solving, and Activate the Holographic Mind recordings will help you do so.

But, Does it Work?

As someone who has tried most of the recordings on a regular basis for the past six months, I can definitely say that they are extremely helpful and relaxing. I have personally focused mostly on the Deep Relaxation and Healing, Deep Rest, Freedom to Change, and Opening the Heart recordings, and they have been beneficial in improving my mood, aiding me during difficult emotional times, and helping me overcome sleep difficulties.

As a matter of fact, I recently listened to one of the Deep Relaxation and Healing tracks on a cross-country flight, and it helped me zonk right out despite the uncomfortable seats, turbulence, and head lolling! That brings me to another important point--listening to these recordings is best suited for a passive environment, not on your car stereo during a commute! I do plan on increasing my usage of the brain-strengthening exercises in the near future, as the potential of their claims is exciting given the positive results I’ve gotten from the more relaxing recordings.

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If you are interested in learning more about Tom Kenyon and the scientific background of Acoustic Brain Research, visit You will find a great deal of information about other more metaphysical topics as well - take what you will from it, but I encourage you to at least give psychoacoustics a try!


Author Bio:

Michelle K. is a Librarian at the Brisbane Library. She loves taking her mind to exciting new places every day.

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