Honey the Holy Terrier


Photo of Honey playing.Honey came into our lives seven years ago from the Pets in Need Shelter in Redwood City. She was a small (under 5 pounds) Brindle Terrier Mix with fur the color of wild honey. People would stop us on the street to ask "What breed of dog is she?" Not totally in jest, we would reply she is a Boston Terrier and Border Terrier mix but we lovingly refer to her as a Holy Terrier.

Hungry Girl

There was nothing that Honey would not try to eat: toilet bolt covers, dresser knobs, belt loops ( I was never quite sure that she hadn't been listening to fruit loops commercials), corners of suitcases, my sons shorts, socks, toilet paper and her own personal favorite--Berkenstock sandals.

Honney in bed.

Enough's Enough!

After the second pair of sandals bit the dust, my son informed me I needed to train "THAT" dog. So armed with various books and DVDS (Dog Training for Dummies, The Power of Positive Dog Training, Gentle Dog Training, and The Dog Whisperer), I set out to train that dog.

Dog Training for Dummies proved to me that yes, I was a dummy and Honey was a genius; The Power of Positive Dog Training made me positive that training a dog is not as easy as they said--and so it went.


Hard of Hearing

When I came to the Dog Whisperer ( I had watched the DVD set several times) I found out sadly that Honey has selective hearing and a whisper was not going to get through to her.

I finally ended up with the How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual for Dog Owners
 by the Monks of New Skete. I figured that at the least they could pray for me! I am still searching for that perfect training system but I have stumbled into a reward based thing of my own. 

Filet Mignon Based Training

I keep my pockets full of filet mignon bits and reward her every time she sits, stays or focuses on me instead of barking like crazy at other dogs. It seems to be going okay so far but for me it's hot dogs again for dinner. 

Author Bio:

Ruth T. is a 21 year employee of the HMB Library. She lives on the coast with her son and Honey the dog. She also is a quilter and a fabriholic who has two double car garages full of fabric and other quilting gizmos.

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