Build a House for the Holidays


Cookies and Candy Under One Roof

Photo of gingerbread house by kermitfrog très ralenti :-( Who doesn’t like a house made out of cookies and candy? Hansel and Gretel did, that is . . . until the witch got a bit hungry. To refresh your memory and get in the mood, read the Hansel and Gretel tale aloud to your friends and family .


Every year my kids and I make a gingerbread house (or sleigh, or village); it usually depends on what kit is for sale at Michaels.

I have a cousin who hand-makes her gingerbread houses. Their shelf life isn’t as long as the premade kind, but they definitely have more charm.

Make Your Own

If you’re so inclined, check out Making Gingerbread Houses: Dozens of Delectable Designs & Ideas for some pointers and inspiration. You can also go to the beautiful Palace Hotel in San Francisco and view the entries to their annual Gingerbread House competition.

Happy Holidays!

Photo credit: kermitfrog très ralenti :-(


Author Bio:

Sharon H. loves cookies and candy--especially when she’s eating them with her kids.

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