Millbrae Pet Lovers


Photos of pets owned by Millbrae staff.Those of us who work at Millbrae are a pretty animal-friendly bunch. Most of us have pets, and most of us really love animals.

Pet Variety

We also enjoy finding books for customers who are interested in animals. We get a lot of requests for books on cats, dogs, fish, snakes, and lizards.

I've had people ask me for books about how to raise chickens, and someone else asked for books on how to keep farm animals.

Do we really love animals? Yes! And I've included this photo of the wall where we all post pictures of our pets. It's quite a lot, isn't it?


Oh, and if you haven't seen this video, it's so cute you might die. You go, Attila the Kitten!

You tube: Surprised Kitty (original) by rozzzafly 


Author Bio:

Alejandro Gallegos didn't know his cat Devon when he was a kitten and a dead ringer for Attila, but his wife did.

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