Holy Unmoldy!


Photo of Day 190 - McDonald's Fries by JoeGrayOne of the scariest news stories to surface this month is the “Davies McDonalds Happy Meal Project.”


Sally Davies, an artist, decided to buy a McDonalds Happy Meal and let it sit out on her table for a few weeks. Funny thing: the golden fries and perfectly molded patty refused to grow mold. So she decided to extend the project. Months later, the food has still not decayed at all. It looks nearly as good as day 1!

You can see a set of the photos, from Day 1 to Day 180, on Flickr.

This project reminded me of the documentary Supersize Me, where a similar experiment was carried out.

Watch a Clip

Supersize Me--trailer (YouTube)

Another Documentary

To find out more nitty gritty details about the fast food industry, check out Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation.

But really: even knowing all this, would you vow to never eat at McDonalds again? No? My guess is that it might be harder to avoid than you think.

Photo credit: Joe Gray

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