Psssst! Patron Picks for DVDs


Photo of DVD picks by mlibrarianusWoodside has labeled one display "Pssst! Patron Picks," designed for the person who's not finding anything while restlessly browsing our overloaded DVD shelves. The best way to characterize the eclectic selection is "quirky."

Popular Acclaim

A patron suggested the first title displayed: Departures. Like the young Japanese man in this contemporary film, I assumed that his new job might be at a travel agency. But no--he's now involved with "encoffinment." Tracing Japanese cultural attitudes, we still learn a lot about the universality of death. An impressionable young wife, the gruff but well-meaning boss, and a stellar music background gave this 2009 film an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.This movie trailer gives you a sense of what awaits.

Not as Well-Known

The Chinese film Shower premiered in 1999, but still seems fresh and funny. (What you get is not laugh-out-loud level funny, but more fond smiles at the characters portrayed.) You see inside a family-run bathhouse in a traditional district of Beijing and its community of bathers, through the eyes of the modern son who returns from years away in a southern city.

Potpourri of DVD Selections

Other films that pop up on those shelves and are re-chosen almost as quickly are:

Lars and the Real Girl

A Single Man

Strictly Ballroom

Sunshine Cleaning

Across the Universe

Whip It

For more details on this movie, check out a recent post on the Teens site called Whip It Good!

Display Your Own Favorite

For me, the best communication is when a patron suggests a display or wants to add DVD titles he or she has found entertaining or thought-provoking or simply beautifully filmed.

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