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Student with books and laptop on headAmidst the pandemonium of back to school shopping, class selection, and worrying about starting a new school year, it is easy forget about all of the resources libraries have to help you get ahead. While the library offers the standard selection of books, movies, music, and computers, many of our libraries also offer many other programs and services that you might not know about. Here is a list of some things you might have overlooked.

In Our Study Rooms

Many of the libraries throughout SMCL offer various forms of after school tutoring. Some of these programs are simple drop-in tutoring sessions where a student can stop by the library after school and get a little help with homework.

Other programs are more structured (with required registration and a minimum attendance), such as the Quest Program at the East Palo Alto Library.

And of course, some libraries simply offer quiet spaces specifically designated for studying all the resources you'll ever need to help yourself to better grades. To find out what your library offers, visit your library’s page on this website.

From Our Website

There are many ways the library can help you from home through our website. One such way is the Help Now online tutoring program by Brainfuse. Help Now is an online program that allows you to work with a live-tutor--from home. This tutor can help you out with math, science, writing and much more. Because it’s a live person you can ask all kinds of questions and get answers that are suited to your skills and abilities.

Also available from our website are many tutorials and databases that will help you study or do research for your classes. For example, if you're taking a foreign language class you can do a little extra studying with our Mango Languages database. Or, if you need some help with a history project, the website offers access to the History Resource Center databases for both United States and World History. Besides offering access to a multitude of these subject specific sources of information, there are also study guides available to help you get ready for your PSATs, SATs, and high school exit exams.

On Our Shelves

Our libraries offer thousands of books and videos that can help your with your school work. On the shelves you will find books to help you with your state or country reports, California Mission projects, and just about every single research essay you will ever have to write! Some libraries even offer all of this in both English and Spanish.

Behind Our Desks

But how will you find all these books among our expansive and intimidating sets of shelves? Well, behind every library desk sits a trained staff member who can direct you to all of the resources available at your library. In fact, these staff members are trained to research and find information that you might not be able (or know how) to find from the shelves of all 33 libraries in the Peninsula Library System and beyond. They can even teach some new tips or tricks to find what you need online from well-trusted sources that your teacher will love!


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