Resources for Learners


Basic Skills 

Useful worksheets for basic phonics and phonemic awareness. 

The Teacher’s Lounge
Resources for phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Offers phonics sounds practice without downloads.

Resources for both adult learners and tutors to help adults improve their reading, writing and math skills. Factsheets, worksheets, quizzes and games to help adults improve their English skills (grammar, spelling, reading, listening, writing, and vocabulary) and math skills (whole numbers; measures, shape and space; fractions, decimals and percentages; and handling data).

Reading Skills for Today's Adults
Interactive activities where students can practice their reading fluency with leveled passages of high interest topics to adults.

Interactive activities where students can build and practice a variety of literacy skills, including math, reading, writing and vocabulary. Activities range from filling out a job application, comprehension, to using context clues etc.

Activities to practice pronunciation. Type in a word and hear how it sounds! 

PBS Literacy Link
Worksheets, videos and other basic literacy activities to help students meet their reading, writing, GED and job related goals. 

Puzzle Maker 
Make puzzles, crosswords, word searches, or number puzzles to practice vocabulary, spelling, or to review information.  

Activities for ESL Students
Grammar and vocabulary practice for ESL students.

Fun Brain
Simple activities to help practice spelling.


An online dictionary resource! Type in the word in the search box and then pick from a number of online dictionaries to find the definition.

The Picture Dictionary
Allows students to connect images with words.


New User Tutorial
A great resource for people who have never used the computer before. They focus specifically on how to use the mouse and other basic computer skills.


Medline Plus
Provides health information that is easy to read with interactive tutorials on many health topics.

Visiting the Doctor
Dialogues to rehearse potential conversations with doctors and activities to increase your health vocabulary. May be useful for ESL students and for native speakers of English.

Ask Me 3
Activities to study and practice questions before going to a medical appointment. The 3 questions will help you make the most of your time with a health care provider.

Adult Learning Activities - Health & Safety
Provides stories that you can see and hear about various health and safety topics.

Plain Language Medical Dictionary
Provides plain language translations for high-level medical terms.

Citizenship, Driving & Voting 

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
Provides study materials for the Naturalization Test.

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government
Offers a basic class in U.S. Government at a high school reading level.

Easy Voter Guide
Useful nonpartisan information about the why, how and what of voting and other forms of civic involvement.  The information is available in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

DMV - CA Driver Handbook
Information about the laws and rules of the road.

Sample Driving Tests
Offers sample driving tests to take before visiting the DMV to take the official written test.


Project Money
Offers great resources for students and tutors on saving money, bank accounts, credit cards, and income taxes. It includes a very user friendly workbook.

System for Adult Basic Education Support - Financial Literacy
A comprehensive list of web resources for adult learners, focusing on financial literacy, including how to buy a home, how to save, and understanding taxes.

Job Information 

Peninsula Works
One of the best resources for people looking for jobs in San Mateo County.  They offer employment opportunities, workshops and trainings.

Job postings in the Bay Area.

Project Read San Francisco
Offers business cards, resume and cover letter templates.

Family Literacy 

SSF Project Read - Smart Ways To Teach Your Child
Information on how children learn and grow at different ages, and helps support the parent as the child's first and most important teacher.

 Family Education
Offers information for parents on the educational issues affecting your child in every grade level (homework help, skill-building tips, worksheets, and advice on report cards etc).

San Mateo County Resources 

SMC Connect
Provides information on nonprofit and public services available to people who live or work in San Mateo County.


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