Summer's the Best Time to Read Something--Anything!


Photo of woman reading at beach by kjdYou might not choose anything too weighty but something absorbing, fun, and fast-paced is likely to grab your attention. Some folks can read Anna Karenina on the beach and be in reader-heaven while others find Twilight to be the perfect summer read.

Reading and Thinking: There’s a Connection

Reading is key to the ability to concentrate and to develop critical thinking skills and has to be the most effortless way to acquire those needed skills and abilities. There have been several articles and books lately lamenting the effects of online reading and documenting online's deleterious effects on comprehension, concentration, and attention-span. Reading for pleasure is the best cure--it harnesses key brain learning centers and has a wondrous effect on emotional balance, promoting a sense of well-being and tranquility--well, unless you’re reading some fast-paced adventure or absorbing mystery, then you might be a tad excited. Either way, healthy endorphins--or as we call them in my house, happy dolphins--are released.

Adult Summer Reading Club!

Whatever you like, take part in the Adult Summer Reading Club, a library program that rewards you for reading and telling us about it. To be part of it, just read a book, come to the library, get a half-page form, give us your name, the title of the book, let us and other readers know what you thought, and enter our weekly raffle for great prizes from local businesses.


In August we’ll be holding our annual End of Adult Summer Reading party called Jazz and Chocolate in which we will treat you to lilting jazz played a terrific San Francisco trio and loads of delicious chocolate (and other comestibles) at the Pacifica-Sanchez Library on Friday August 13.

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Author Bio:

Thom Ball has worked in libraries for over 20 years, first managing the PLS Video Center, where he was in charge of the operation including collection development of the video collection, then as a Branch Manager in the San Mateo County Library system as manager of the Atherton, Portola Valley, and Woodside Libraries. Thom has been the manager of the Pacifica Libraries for the past 4 years. Before working in libraries he was a professional musician playing throughout California and the Midwest. Thom still does a Musical Storytime at the libraries to keep his chops up. There are few things more rewarding than playing music, reading stories, and being goofy for a bunch of little kids.

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