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FML Culture Event #35 - The Story of Jade by Cynthia Woo

Jade, the Priceless Treasure & Its Role in the History of China


For Chinese, Jade is far more important than what gold and silver are for Westerners. The importance of Jade exists within at least 8000 years of historical culture, for its symbolic, ceremonial and personal use in the life of the Chinese. In fact, one can associate which dynasty by the look and feel of a jade creation, since it had such a delicate and integral role in society. As such, Chinese history is full of legendary stories where jade is featured. Even the craft and precision in patiently developing jade into art form has its own legacy to be told. Come to hear an overview of jade, told by Ms. Cynthia Woo, a well recognized expert in art appraisal.

Graduated from the elite Taiwan University, Ms. Woo is a Chinese Art teacher who has loyal followers in the Bay Area Chinese community art appraisal circle. Ms. Woo was trained at San Jose State University in the field of Art appreciation and is also a GIA licensed diamond appraiser. She is also known for teaching Chinese Art Appreciation classes in the local community college, Chinese school and art college.

This talk will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

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Sábado, 07/11/15 at 1:30 pm
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Paul C Hsieh
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Book Club

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