It's Time for Dream Machines


This year's Dream Machines extravaganza was held on April 25th at the Half Moon Bay Airport. Vintage cars, trucks, and farm equipment were on display and there were some fascinating demonstrations.

Photo of planeWarbirds Were Flying

Those of us who thrill to the sound of piston engines (and are lucky enough to live in the flight pattern) eagerly congregated to watch those vehicles of beauty.

Get the Details

The Half Moon Bay Library is lucky to have some good automotive and aviation material. On our new non-fiction shelf we have Bomber Boys: Heroes Who Flew B-17s In World War II. There weren't any B-17s on the schedule this year, but there were some twin engine World War II bombers.

For auto enthusiasts may I suggest The Ultimate Classic Car Book?

The Fun is Worth It: You Can Also Enrich the Ride

All kinds of things happen in Half Moon Bay. Come join us for one of our favorite Coastside events and don't let the traffic deter you--take along an audio book (borrowed from the library).


Author Bio: 

Joe Toschik is a Half Moon Bay librarian who has lived and worked on the Coast for about 17 years. A former Air Force meteorologist, he is still a weather nut. His hobbies include photography and walking the Coastal Trail and his favorite quote right now is as follows: "Fortunately we're not in control.". . .Willie Nelson

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