Hidden Treasures in San Mateo County: St. John's Cemetery

If you can get past a natural reluctance to think about it, cemeteries are truly fascinating places.


St. John' s Cemetery in San MateoThis "Hidden Treasure" may be a little strange for some, but if you're a history buff you will enjoy St. John's Cemetery, especially if you're passionate about San Mateo County history

St. John's Cemetery

This property sits right smack dab in the middle of San Mateo, and unless someone tells you about it, you would never know it is there. A friend of mine informed me, and then led me to it. We spent the next hour to hour and a half weaving through the lives of multiple immigrant families that came to San Mateo from abroad.

Impressive History

Every one of the headstones we read, and we missed very few, had at least one family member born in the 1800s. Some lived into their nineties, and many were young men killed in the war in their late teens or early 20's. And of course there were those few that didn't make it past a single year.

Loyal Caretaker

It is peaceful, and full of history, and many of the headstones have pictures of the deceased. Clearly from different times. It is not a pristine place, but it is filled with the history and the lives of many San Mateo families. In particular, I was moved by the memorium right near the entrance in honor of the former Manager & Caretaker John P Kiely. He lovingly managed and cared for the cemetery from 1947-1996 when he died.

The land was donated for the St. John's Cemetery by Mrs. Abby M. Parrott on May 28, 1885, and for the past 125 years this beautiful, peaceful piece of property has been serving as a burial place in the midst of growing San Mateo. St. John's Cemetery stands as a sacred shrine for the people who were so much a part of the history and the traditions of this city.

For the Details

To get all the information about its history, mission statement, hours of operation and location, you can visit the St. John's Cemetery website.

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