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Keeping it Focused: Parent Empowerment Workshop


Don't do it! Don't put your hand in the backpack! The second month of school will be in full swing and the realities of homework will have settled. The new crisp backpacks are exploding with unidentifiable objects. The cup that was overflowing with excitement about new teachers and new grade levels is now empty and perhaps growing greenery. Jody Montgomery of Heart and Mind Consulting will provide 4 secrets to helping your child stay focused and organized for ultimate success! Organization for the year, communication secrets, Tigers vs Meerkat moms, and limit setting will be shared for your child's success...and yours! (And for safety, keep your hands out of the backpack!)

Miércoles, 10/16/13 at 6:30 pm
Persona de Contacto: 
Sereptha Strong
Número de Contacto: 
650.321.7712 x26
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East Palo Alto
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