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TV on DVD: Jonathan Creek


I’m a sucker for mystery and crime TV shows, particularly those of the British variety. So I was thrilled to learn that Jonathan Creek, one of my favorites, has been revived. It might be a while before the new episodes make their way here, but that also means there’s plenty of time for newcomers to get caught up.

Jonathan Who?

Jonathan Creek DVD cover.The show’s appeal lies in the low-key but appealing turn by Alan Davies as the title character, who solves intricately plotted mysteries with the help of a female foil. Three actresses took on the role of Creek’s partner during the course of the series, but the first gets my vote for the best. Actress Caroline Quentin pulled off a small miracle by making Maddy Magellan likable despite the character’s tendency to be alternately overbearing and unscrupulous. The real draw, however, is the whodunit aspect of the series, as Creek and company must find explanations for seemingly impossible scenarios that include classic locked room mysteries and people who appear to have returned from the grave.

How to Watch

While there are minor changes in the characters’ relationships and circumstances throughout the show’s run, the episodes don’t really need to be seen in order. So check out the first four seasons before the newest one arrives, and challenge yourself to see how many of the mysteries you can solve before the final reveal.


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Kavitha R. is tired of waking up to frost on her car’s windows.


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