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Chair Yoga with Stacie-Sarawati Dooreck


Don't let a chaotic schedule of shopping, family gatherings, and the holiday blues get you down. Help us start off holiday week by joining us at the library for a restorative yoga class. The session will include simple yoga exercises, postures and stretches, breathing exercises for calming and energy, meditation, and guided relaxation. Chair Yoga uses a chair for support while sitting or standing, allowing you to do yoga at your desk, at work, on an airplane, or in a wheelchair.

Who will benefit? This type of yoga is suitable for office-workers, seniors, people with injuries or limited mobility, and anyone who just wants to learn a gentle way to practice yoga. A Q&A session will follow and copies her book, SunLight Chair Yoga: Yoga for Everyone! will be available for purchase. Sign up to reserve your space!

Martes, 12/11/12 at 3:00 pm
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