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The Amazing Lyndon Johnson


Photo of president Lyndon Johnson at the groundbreaking for the University of California, Irvine, 1964 by Orange County ArchivesI enjoy being surprised.

It was only with a sense of dutifulness that I read the article "Robert Caro's Big Dig" (it is my habit to read every piece in the New York Times Sunday magazine--in order--regardless of my interest or enthusiasm level). By the time I was finished, I couldn't wait to begin reading the multi volume biography of Lyndon Johnson and hastily placed the first volume on hold.

I Can't Read It Fast Enough!

I've been out of the country and have a small baby to slow my progress, but I am halfway through The Path to Power and can't remember when I've enjoyed reading something more. I began the book in Austin, which was fitting as I was able to pepper my conversations there with impressively informed facts about Texas Hill Country.

Caro is a phenomenal writer, and Johnson makes for an extraordinary study.

See What You Think

We own all of the books that have been published thus far (the most recent one, The Passage Of Power: The Years Of Lyndon Johnson, just two weeks ago--I was fascinated to read Bill Clinton's review of it) and we have them in ebook format as well.

If you thought about Lyndon Johnson before, you won't think about him in the same way. Or about American politics. Or power.

Photo credit: Orange County Archives


Author Bio:

Carine Risley wants nothing more than to be lost in Robert Caro's words.


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