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Imagine--New Library

Dear Laurent— Thank you for your compliment about the existing Atherton Library. We are very proud of what we are able to do for the community.
I agree it is important to consider facts and trends of usage. A number of details about library usage and accomplishments can be seen by reviewing the San Mateo County Library Annual Reports. Additional information about the identified needs to consider for the new Atherton Library can be found on the Town of Atherton website, in the section Library Steering Committee.
Per Atherton Council Resolution 10-30 adopted in June 2010 , the Atherton Library Building Steering Committee (ALBSC) has been charged with overseeing the planning and design process for the new Atherton Library, in partnership with the Town of Atherton and the San Mateo County Library.
The ALBSC is currently working on a report incorporating information from the recent community meetings, professional analysis, and other information for draft release to the public in September 2011. A community meeting is scheduled for September 8th to further discuss matters relevant to selecting the site of the new Atherton library.
An update will be forthcoming on that meeting as details become available. I look forward to you staying engaged throughout the exciting process and don’t hesitate to contact us at the Atherton Library for more information.
Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective,
Carine Risley, Atherton Library Branch Manager


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