Request a Review of Library Materials


If you wish to have the Library review material in its collection or re-evaluate a Website on one of its URL bookmarks, you must first complete a "Request for Review of Library Materials" form. Please speak with the Library Manager at your local library or contact the Library at 650.312.5258.

Upon receiving the completed form, the Library Director sends a letter of acknowledgment outlining the following procedure.

  1. An evaluation of the review request is referred to an Ad Hoc committee chaired by the appropriate Library Services Manager. The committee includes librarians selected by the Library Director or her delegate.
  2. The evaluation includes, but is not limited to: a complete independent evaluation of the item by each committee member; checking professional reviews; identifying other material in the collection on the same subject, as well as material the library may acquire. In the case of electronic and database information and websites, committee members thoroughly examine the content and its presentation.
  3. The evaluation is conducted in the context of the patron's specific complaint, the Material Selection Policy, and the ALA Library Bill of Rights.
  4. The Ad Hoc committee drafts a response to the patron. This response addresses each of the concerns and/or objections raised by the patron. The committee's Chairperson adds comments if/as needed, composes a draft response, reviews it with the Library Director and the appropriate Library Manager(s), and sends the finalized response to the patron.
  5. If the patron wishes to pursue his/her request, s/he may contact the Library Director, 650.312.5245.
  6. If the patron does not accept the Library Director's decision, other appropriate representatives of the Library's governing offices and/or boards may be drawn into discussion.


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