Keepsake Box: Secrets of a Used Book (two-part craft series)

Event Type: Art|Hobby|Craft
Sunday, 05/04/14 at 1:00 pm
Monday, 05/05/14 at 4:00 pm
Library: Atherton
Ages: Adults

This is a two-part craft series for 18 & up. All supplies will be provided.

May 4: 1:00-3:00 pm
Part ONE - Deconstruction for Reconstruction: Begin to craft your way to a beautiful keepsake box made out of a used book.

May 5: 4:00-7:00 pm (drop-in to complete your craft)
Part TWO - Decorating your reconstructed book aka reconstructed keepsake box: Personalize your keepsake box. Bring in pictures, fabric, ribbons or use our supplies.

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