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Photo Salón del Manga #12 by neo2001Hello, this is my first blog for SMCL and I thought I’d talk about something I really enjoy. If the title didn’t give it away, let me tell you—it’s manga! I love manga so much because you can find stories on just about anything and everything.

There’s a manga for you!

So what are you interested in?

And that’s just a tiny taste!

Finding manga with TAGS

A great way to search for manga on the online catalog is to search in the TAGS tab. Any of the words of interest above, from “baking” to “wwii”, will work. Of course, you can also search for “manga” to browse through all of them!

You can also search more broadly for different genres. Some of them include: action, adventure, comedy, coming-of-age, detective, drama, fantasy, high-school, historical, music, mystery, robots, romance, sci-fi, slice-of-life (a realistic take on day-to-day life), sports, supernatural, and thriller.

Many manga combine elements from different genres and have multiple tags. For example, Love*Com is the story of a tall girl and a short boy whose opposites eventually attract in high school. Because it mixes different genres together, it has the following tags: comedy, coming-of-age, high-school and romance.

In Japan, mainstream manga are released in different magazines that cater towards a specific audience. These audiences, or demographics, are another set of tags that will help you search for manga.

  • JOSEI  (“woman”) = older teenage girls and adult women.
  • SEINEN  (“young man”) = older teenage boys and adult men.
  • SHOJO (“young lady”) = young girls and teenagers.
  • SHONEN (“boys”) = young boys and teenagers.

While demographics reflect the original target audience, they in no way limit who reads what because each one contains a wide-range of genres and stories. Personally, I enjoy tons of manga meant for all the different demographics!

Now it’s your turn!

New tags are being added daily. Feel free to add your own tags to the online catalog and help others find the manga that they’d like to read. Just aim for accuracy and consistency, and make sure to check what tags are already being used.

If you’d like to learn how to create tags, watch this video.

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Photo credit: neo2001


Author Bio:

Anthony Andora reads manga a little too much, but don’t tell his professors that.

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