Wicked: A Great Book and A Fun Musical!


Wicked by Gregory MaguireA few years ago, I got to see Wicked while I was traveling in London. I didn’t know anything about the musical before I saw it and am not a big fan of musicals in general, but I absolutely loved it!

The Book

Before it was a musical, it was a novel by Gregory Maguire. My book group read this last year and it made for some interesting discussions. It is very dark, but the political undertones make it a fascinating read.

The Musical

Although I don’t generally enjoy musicals, the music is one of the best parts of Wicked. If you haven’t had a chance to hear “Defying Gravity” or “Popular,” check out the soundtrack!

The story is a little different from the novel. Where the novel is dark, the musical is light and fun. There is still some political commentary, but the musical focuses more on friendship and love.

Go See It!

Wicked will be in San Francisco for a few more months, so if you get a chance, go see it!


Author Bio:

Stephanie C. is working on her Master's degree in Library and Information Science and would like to become a children's librarian when she graduates. Some of her favorite books are Persuasion by Jane Austen, Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, and the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

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