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Retro video games poster with man holding game controller.If you watched the Scott Pilgrim Versus the World movie and had no idea what was going on in that veritable culture cuisinart, that's probably because you're either too young, or too old. Let's find out which one it is.

Spend a few minutes taking USA Today's Generations test. If you fell somewhere in the generation demarcated by a Space Invader or in the generation depicted by a power button, you've got the cognitive capacity to enjoy this movie.

If you enjoy 8bits and if your generational theme song is the Mario theme song, you're in the right place. (You're in the library. Or you're in the Internet.)

What is it you're supposed to be doing right now? Homework? Work work? Are you in a cubicle? Can your boss see you?

Have I Got Some Treats for You

First up, Nintendo 8. An extensive library of original Nintendo games, playable in a flash browser, ported for your enjoyment.

If you're not up for the old-style games, how about some variations on the favorites? Here is a circular Tetris game, called Torus, that's pretty fun.

Done playing that? Now, how bout a challenge? Here is First-Person Tetris, which will turn you on your head. GO FOR IT.

Okay, enough of Tetris, back to Mario. The greatest idea ever, Super Mario Crossover.  In this version of Super Mario Brothers, you can use characters from other classic games. Characters like Samus, Link, Mega Man, and that dude from Contra.

Pick the dude from Contra. Once you get a flower, you don't spit fireballs, you blast away everything in your path with a spreadshot machine gun! Clearly, sheer genius.

You might even enjoy checking out Retro Gaming Hacks or American Nerd: The Story of My People.

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Josh Pearce enjoys jumping on mushrooms and turtles and eating flowers.


thanks for the link

thanks for the tetris link. An all time great game. the music was cool.

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