Valentine’s Day . . . Sigh


He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not.

Feel free to replace “he” with “she” if you like. Now, I have very mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day. On the one hand, yes, we should have a designated day that we use to celebrate the wonderful relationships in our lives. On the other . . . I can’t get past the stress people feel around buying the right gift, not having a Valentine, or worse, spending the day with someone you don’t like for the sake of having a Valentine. As far as I’m concerned, this day should be all about spending quality time with the people you love the most. And I mean love in the broadest definition possible. Here are some of my suggestions for doing just that- no matter who you decide to spend the day with. 

MCasablanca a Hal B. Wallis productionovies

Amélie: I love this movie. I just really do. Amelie works hard to help those around her find love. Along the way, she discovers she might be missing her own chance at love. This is a great movie to watch with single friends after a night of great food and camaraderie.

Casablanca: Perfect for couples who like a little war time drama, mystery, and the hard choices we make for love. Bogie, Bergman, Morocco, and memories of better times in Paris. Just thinking about it makes me tear up.

Paris, Je T’aime: What’s not to love about this movie? A series of short films all about love. From friendship to romantic and, yes, even a story for the vampire enthusiast, you will enjoy the stories and the clips of Paris.

Steel Magnolias: A group of Southern women who help each other through all of the ups and downs life has to offer. I have watched and quoted this movie with some of my best of friends including my sisters. “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” This movie is a true celebration of love and friendship.

Dessert and Drinks

Bittersweet: Recipes and Tales from a Life in Chocolate: I can’t think of anything better than eating chocolate on this day. If you enjoy a good story with your recipes, you will love this book. Read about the “Women of Truffles” for some local flare.

Winewise: Your Complete Guide to Understanding, Selecting, and Enjoying Wine: I do enjoy a glass of wine on occasion and I think it’s a great pairing for wine. No one would mistake me for a wine connoisseur so this book is wonderful for people like me who like a delicious glass on this special day and need help selecting the perfect bottle.

Some Like it Hot: 50 Drinks to Warm your Spirits: I also really enjoy hot drinks on a cold winter day with my loved ones. Because that includes little ones, I like to add this book of recipes to my evening. The Chocolate Raspberry Kiss sounds so delightfully warm and cozy.


Author Bio:

Rebecca A. is a Valentine’s Eve baby who welcomes birthday wishes from everyone throughout the month of February.

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