The Unseen Sea


The Bay Area is a beautiful place to live. I’ve lived here my whole life and I can’t imagine ever leaving. One of the main reasons I love it here is the weather.

Weather to Satisfy Even the Easily Bored

You could be enjoying the clear skies and warmth of a Burlingame day and then drive for 10 minutes and cool off in the gloomy, windy chill of a South San Francisco afternoon. Even within the relatively small city of San Francisco you can hop from neighborhood to neighborhood and experience a completely different climate in each.

Simon Christen, an animator and photographer, has captured the amazing forces behind our wonderful weather. The Unseen Sea is a look at the magical ocean floating above our heads. You don’t always hear people rejoicing the clouds above or the fog that is rolling in, but after watching this video it’s hard not to appreciate what’s going on up there.

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

Eyes on the Details Please

It’s best to watch this video in full screen. Make sure to notice all of the tiny airplanes zooming by like little firecrackers.

If you’d like to further your appreciation for the Bay Area you should check out Above San Francisco and Above San Francisco Vol. II,  both by Robert Cameron. Each book is filled with amazing aerial shots of the bay area. You might even be able to see your house in some of the shots.


Author Bio:

Tommy M. has been a Bay Area resident for his whole life and he appreciates the natural air conditioner that rolls through and keeps the air crisp.

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