They Might Be Giants Featured on RadioLab


They Might Be GiantsWhether you have been a fan since their debut in the 80’s, or more recently discovered them through their delightful and educational Here Come the ABC’s, Here Come the 123’s, and Here Comes Science CDs (and DVDs!) for children, They Might Be Giants are always sure to bring a smile and spark a creative thought for the listener.

Truly a Treat

This podcast will come as a special treat for those of you interested in the creative process behind “Here Comes Science.” Produced by RadioLab last September, this recording features lively discussions between John Flansburgh and John Linnell of TMBG and the hosts of RadioLab alongside live versions of some of the tracks from the album.

Free Music!

For anyone ready to brave the crowds for an afternoon of free music, They Might Be Giants will be playing at the Stern Grove Festival this month on August 22nd, 2:00 PM. I know I’ll be there!!!

To locate or request a copy of any of the albums mentioned in this post, you can find them in our catalog--just click the album titles above.


Author Bio:

Michelle K. is a Librarian at the Brisbane Library. She has been a lifelong listener of They Might Be Giants, and is grateful that they have added to the canon of fully enjoyable children's music.

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