Tamal Party!


Mmmm! Holiday time in a Mexican family means many things, but definitely tamales. If my mom’s not making them, then my grandmother is. Or if my grandma’s not making them, then some other relative is. The point is, they’re easily found around the holidays, and if your tamales are anything like my family’s, they are fantastic!

Passing It On

Last weekend, I invited my grandmother over so that she could show walk us through, step by step, how she makes them. I wanted her to show us because I think she makes the best tamales: firm, not crumbly, and very moist.

Diana Kennedy Knows Her Way Around Tamales

Now, making tamales can be a lot of work and pretty time consuming, so, as Diana Kennedy says, organization is the key. Preparing your fillings, gathering a group of willing helpers, and having people there who know what they’re doing, are all ways to make for an enjoyable, fulfilling experience.

Masa being prepared

Important Tip

Here’s a picture of the masa as we prepared it. (If you have a stand mixer, you’ll definitely want to use it. I have memories of kneading and kneading and kneading and mixing the dough as a child; I don’t want to do it again.)


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