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One of my favorite musical groups, The Books, recently came out with a new album titled The Way Out. It's their latest work of found material sound-collage songs, and is definitely an evolution of their unique style. If you haven't heard their music yet, I highly recommend checking one of our copies out!

I Loved It and Want More

As is usually the case when musicians I like come out with a new album, I decided to take the time to review their back catalog as well. Much to my surprise, The Way Out is the only album by The Books the San Mateo County Library System owns! Since I'm sure that their earlier releases would appeal to our library users too, I'm going to request that the system add copies of their other albums to our collection.

Image of post-it saying "Suggest a Purchase."Did you know that you can suggest a purchase too?

Let Me Show You How!

First, you'll want to gather together as much information about the item you want to request as possible--a good place to find details like ISBNs, Publication Dates and Companies, or the full title of an item is Amazon.

Another great website for this purpose is Worldcat--an extra bonus of this site is that it can help you see if a nearby library system outside of San Mateo County Libraries and the Peninsula Library System has what you're looking for right now!

Got Your Info? Let's visit SMCL's Website!

  •  The next step is to visit our home page
  • Go all the way to the bottom of the page--in the black box, look to the fifth column from the left--it has the heading "Talk to Us!" in green.
  • Click the fourth link down, "Suggest A Purchase"
  • And here you are at the form! Make sure you have your library card handy, and read over all the instructions before submitting your request. One very important request is that you make sure we don't already own the item you are suggesting for purchase.

We can't guarantee that every requested item will be purchased, but we'll do our best to determine whether it will be a useful addition to our current collection. After all, the library collection is purchased with your tax dollars, so we love it when you tell us what YOU want!


Author Bio:

Michelle K. is a Librarian at the Brisbane Library. She takes every opportunity possible to help SMCL build an excellent collection of high-interest materials, and would love for you to do so too!

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