Stylish Knits


Luxe Knits: the Accessories by Laura ZukaiteIf you like knitting and/or fashion, Luxe Knits: the Accessories by Laura Zukaite is for you. The models all look very happy. I'd certainly be happy wearing any of these lovely knitted accessories.

Something for Every Skill Level

Most of the featured knitted items are of an intermediate/advanced level, but there is a lovely airy smocking scarf that is easy, but looks fancy. A beginning knitter could try the multicolor leather bracelet or the motorcycle rib headband.

Visual Feast

The cover photograph is of the long silk gloves beautifully designed with four color transitions. All the photographs (done by Catherine Westergaard) and drawings are as incredible as the fashions. The polka dot dress, the pearls, the beaded necklace with safety pins, the shoes, the jewelry, the make-up, the hairstyles. You get the idea. Check out the book, but don't salivate--it damages the paper.


Author Bio:

Mary Wilmes, Library Assistant at Half Moon Library, has lived in Half Moon Bay since 2000, raising a child, chickens, and home-made bread. She enjoys finding unusual books as well as knitting, learning Spanish, and playing guitar and piano when she is not reading non-fiction (history, science, medicine, autobiography, and fashion) and fiction.

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